A New Found Respect

Recently I’ve been thinking, I was born in the wrong era. Obviously I would want same parents and family, ( I know you reading this mom, ha ha). Anything from 1928 – 1980 Im loving, whether it be music, movies, Charlie Chapman, just loving the real emotion and acting. No, calm down, I’m not saying the actors now suck, well not all of them at least, like i said different era.

Firstly, Casablanca, Only watched it for the first time 2 weeks ago. I didn’t look away from the TV once, not even at my phone, for me that’s major. Such raw emotion and passion in that movie, was brilliant. That Line – “Here’s me looking at you, kid” Priceless. I hate to admit to anyone, even to myself but I’m a hopeless romantic, like 60% let’s say.

Then comes Clint Eastwood, what a babe! (No, not Bae – I’m not one of those!) I had no idea he was such a looker back in the day. Always enjoyed my westerns but the ones these days are nothing like back in the good ol’ Days! So I sent my mother a message and asked which one’s of Clint Eastwood’s westerns were the best. To which I got the reply. 1. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.    2. A Fist Full of Dollars.   Wow, Loved every moment!

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is by far favorite ! Seems I have a lot to get through though. Got any Suggestions, let me know?

I have a rather vintage personality, maybe that’s why I think I was born in the wrong era. I won’t get started my music selection, I would be here writing all night!

I will leave that for my next post. If you a classic rock lover, you will want to read it, I promise you that!

Anyoo… Make someone’s day tomorrow! Smile and be cheerful, until next time.





My Little Rant

I feel, I have to vent about something that annoys me like nothing else in the world! I don’t get annoyed by much, when it comes to driving, I have road rage, the force is strong!

Now you see there are people that I don’t think were ever taught what a PAVEMENT is, or what it’s purpose is! Where I live there are plenty of these things called “Pavements” and yet most people don’t make use of them.

I would LOVE to one day, stop and open my window and be like:

“Hey, what’s that grey piece of tar over there?”

“Oh, that’s a pavement”

“Funny, I’m sure those are there for YOU to walk on!”

I’m a nice person, as much as I would love to hoot and moan at you for disregarding the pavement, but who knows what how that person will react. ha ha

Anyhoo… Breathe sam! Do you have the same problem, where ever in the world you are?




Summer baby, We’re Ready!

summer-tumblr-1 Today I had a smile on my face. Why you may ask, well you going to think I’m crazy! I was woken up by the sun streaming into my room at 6am, that’s the moment I knew, summer is almost in Cape Town.

I have been waiting for this season for quite some time. There’s just something about summer that makes me a happier person, well more than usual that is.

Whether it be, cocktails at Grand Beach Cafe at the Waterfront or Laying at anyone of the beach’s around Cape Town. Laying in the heat baking (with cream, come now) and “reading a book”, I use inverted commas because anyone that knows me, knows I DON’T read! I prefer to listen to audio books on my phone.I would buy audio books from http://www.audible.com/

For me, last thing I want to do when laying on the beach is getting my arms tired while trying to hold up a book, but Maybe that’s just me.

In summer the days are longer, some much more time to be out and enjoying the warmth of the day. Also let me not forget that the sunset’s I can see from my balcony in summer are just priceless!

1982232_10152370454952008_56796936_nI will never complain about that view!

I found a new song (new to me). Take a listen.

Klingande – Jubel – This song reminds me so much of summer and just having a good time. The people who love summer as much as me, will know what I mean about this song.

Anyhoo… Hopefully write you soon, when it’s bright and summer like.

Enjoy your day, week, year. Remember always smile, cause why the hell NOT!


Procrastination and Absence

Yes, I’m well aware that it’s been a long time…

I apologise for my absence of course. I have had plenty thoughts of what to write about.

Procrastination, well It’s my middle name! Whether its fitness, work or blogging.As I sit here and ponder how to write this blog, I save and try again later, that’s how bad I’ve been procrastinating.

I spoke about starting my own business In my first post.  I have a morning job, this way I’m able to live, but because of that getting home and then trying to build my business was just OUT of the question.Last week, I got my first, two clients. Success to a certain degree for me, I was in some ways scared of failure and I’m not saying getting two clients is a success but its a start, and it’s made me realized “I can do this”

Fitness part. I love running but to actually get up and do. Woo, its HARD! I’m very proud to say that I have already 11km in the last 3 days, and tomorrow I’m running 5 or 6Km’s. Grand total of 17km’s. Can I get a whoop whoop.

 I have set of reminder on my setting to blog, this way I wont “forget” to write about thoughts or another shit, I feel Is necessary.

I wont be this Absent again, or I will try not.

My Forgotten Beauty

To me, my forgotten beauty would have to be my camera, Canon 450D.

One of my passion’s in life is photography. I’ve thought of doing it as a career, but I think I enjoy doing it as a hobby more, this way I can appreciate it more. Then it’s only for me, and if I feel like sharing it with others then so be it. I got my camera for my 21st birthday, its the only thing I wanted. When I got it, my face looked like a little kid on drugs (ha ha), I was that happy!

The first couple of months, I took the camera everywhere with me and I mean everywhere… Ok, not the bathroom, let’s be real now! A out night with my people or to a lunch with the family and it was always right there next to me. I really want to go on a road trip even if its only 5 hours away, just take a shit load random shots, of people, places, and the mountains. I think you catch what I’m putting down. I would love to do the road trip on a old school Harley as well, random but true!, but that’s a dream for now.

My mom showed me this video, of this lady that was down and out, not really enjoying life so much anymore. She decided to take a picture everyday for the whole year of things she was grateful for having in her life.

http://365grateful.com/  — The Video

That put a thought into my head, I might not be able to do one everyday, but can try do at least 3 a week. Put them on here and my instagram. After the year is up, make a collage of the year, and do what you want with it, I guess. I’m not you, so I wouldn’t know what you would with it.

With saying that, I thought of something to do in my new flat. All my instagram photo’s, print In Polaroid size and make a wall of them. They all contain my travels, favorite people and odd things that I thought pretty.

That’ That. My forgotten beauty is my camera, It helps me remember the scariest and most amazing moment’s in my life!

What’s your forgotten Beauty?

The Year of Change

I’m not one to do this much, but I’m going to start my new blog by saying… Holy Shit!

2014 has just started and the things I want to do and achieve, are huge. Starting my own company, moving into a new place by MYSELF. Caps is needed in this case cause it’s a big thing for me, I’m a huge people person. I can get bored of my own company fairly quickly. Tech keeps me company some of the time, as YouTube and all these other social media sites keeps one busy, until you realise that you have watched half of YouTube and maybe a break is needed, phone a friend for a beer, and get home after 2 having lost count of the number of draughts you ended up having.

Anyhow… going off the point here. Firstly, starting my company is by far the scariest thing I’ve done in my whole 24 years of living, besides jumping off a bridge.  The amount of preparation, late nights and saying to yourself this is to hard, why am I doing this. To which you say, put on your big girl/boy pants, carry on. I know its going to be a bitch as first, going to test my limits and there will be times I will want to give up.  I’m excited though! who wouldn’t be right?

Living with myself, now that’s going to be a challenge. I love being out and around with people. I haven’t lived at “home” since I was 19, I have lived with two of my best friends, at different times though. Over the past month I have learned to write down what I feel, what’s bothering me or something I need to get of my chest before it drives me crazy. Yes, if you haven’t guess it, I’m a over thinker, it annoys the living shit out of me to be honest. Yet, its the hardest to change.

I love being a independent person, always have. Most exciting thing about moving into your own place is decorating it. I’m counting down the days! Plants and comfy seating area on the mini deck, the old wooden head rest I’m going to make, to trying to keep my plants alive and having NO ONE telling me how to. It’s mine way you don’t like, shove off!

I’m sure there are going to be plenty more things that will test me this year, but these are the main two that I know of at the moment.

With all the anxiety of the new business to the being scared being myself. I’m ready for 2014, are you?